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What is macx?
Would you like to sell your company in the healthcare sector? A clearly structured
Sales process is the key to success in healthcare. Based on the experience from over 125 successful corporate transactions, we advise you as a small business in the healthcare sector throughout the entire sales process - from preparation to the completion of the transaction! Thanks to our digital solution macx. we can offer you favorable conditions for this.

Your company sale - personal & digital.

How does macx work?
With the help of your information in our app, we create all the necessary sales documents and qualify suitable investors. Constant control and transparency is guaranteed by real time updates of the progress of the sales process. In addition, personal support from our healthcare team increases the likelihood of successfully selling your company. We therefore offer much more services than a corporate exchange.

Our help for your initial analysis.

The healthcare system in transition.

Strong market.
The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in Germany with 12% of total economic output and 7.5 million employees. We are also the EU leader when it comes to health expenditure relative to GDP.

The German state provides a wide range of grants and initiatives to further advance the healthcare industry. This effect was further intensified by the Covid-19 crisis, and the growth forecasts for the next few years are good.
In contrast, there are increasingly strict regulations, standards and quality management requirements that are being introduced by the EU (keyword MDR).

Consolidation / M&A.
This has led to a strong consolidation in the last 10 years, in the still very fragmented market. Large companies see the need to place themselves in niches. SMEs see great potential in partnering with a strategist.

Our extensive experience.

Our expertise.

Thanks to our many years of industry experience, our large network in the healthcare sector and our profound M&A expertise, we understand our customers' challenges. This enables us to develop individual transaction solutions.


Priorities so far.

Our past and current references can be found in the following areas of healthcare, among others:

  • Medical technology (electrical medicine, diagnostics, surgery, ventilation, surgical equipment, orthopedic technology, medical supply stores, medical devices and accessories, etc.),

  • Service providers (nursing, clinics, hospitals, providers of remedies),

  • Other service providers (pharmacies, accounting centers, insurance companies, etc.)


In addition, we are competent consultants for associated companies in the sale of their portfolio companies in the healthcare and medical technology sector.



... of the German HC market is financed by the statutory health insurance companies.



... of the German HC market is financed by private health insurance companies.

>99% ...

.. of the German population are covered by health insurance.



... statutory health insurance companies are there in Germany.



...  private health insurance companies are there in Germany.



... largest producer of medical technology worldwide is Germany.

> 14,000


... SMEs in the field of medical technology exist in Germany.




... EUR market volume has the German market for medical technology.

Your healthcare experts.

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Your advantages with us as a partner.

High probability of sale thanks to active digitally-led sales process

Analysis and evaluation of your company free of charge

Flexible pricing model of the consulting and success fee

Constant transparency and control over the sales process through the app

Personal contact at any time

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Jonathan Schneider


Jonathan Schneider


Jonathan Schneider


Company value calculator.


Here you can easily calculate the value of your business free of charge.

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"In an intense sales process, you managed – in close consultation with me – to clarify the many points of discussion with potential buyers. You were always available on short notice, a very competent partner, and have represented my interests and that of the Euromechanics with great dedication. I am pleased to be able to realize the company value due to the successful company succession, have much more personal freedom, and pass on the responsibility to a very suitable acquirer. "

                                                       Roman Harmansa, Managing Director Euromechanics Medical GmbH

"The macx. Team always worked closely and very trustingly with me and the other partners in all projects."

Dr. Jamshid Javdani, managing partner of GfS Gesellschaft für Statistik im Gesundheitswesen


Strategic Investors.


Through the acquisition, manufacturers of components expand their value chain


Direct customers aim at increasing their added value and securing their supply chain by acquiring their suppliers

Industry clusters

Building a larger group by acquiring various companies of the same industry

Direct competitors

Companies which operate within the same market and offer similar products/services in order to realize synergies in market access, costs, and know-how through the acquisition

Other players

Companies wanting to enter a new market and diversify their product portfolio

Our specializations & partners.

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macx. is our digital solution for the sale of small businesses with sales of less than € 10 million.

macx. Healthcare is our application specifically for corporate healthcare sales.

macx. distressed offers insolvency administrators the opportunity to hand over mandates from small companies for an M&A process.

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The team around Mr. Walther has specialized in company sales and acquisitions of medium-sized companies in the D-A-CH region.

macx. invest supports investors as a digital platform in the elaborate search for investments in the European middle class.

Our memberships.

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Since 2018 we have been a proud member of Transeo - the European M&A network for transactions in the SME sector.

Transeo encourages and promotes the exchange of best practices between experts to strengthen the European business transfer market for SMEs. Transeo raises awareness of corporate transfer at regional, national and European level and works on solutions and projects to improve corporate transfer at European level.

We have been a member of the Federal Association of Mergers & Acquisitions (BM&A) since 2017. This is an association and represents the interests of M&A experts from companies that promote process thinking and exchange around M&A. The major goal of the BM&A is the improved exchange of experience on the operational M&A level and as a result a significantly improved performance at M&A. The association pursues its goals across institutions and disciplines as well as internationally. With working groups and an extensive program of events, the association offers access to M&A networks and contacts relevant to the industry.

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Questions? Give us a call!

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Jonathan Schneider


Telephone: +49 89 230 214 120

We are happy to answer your questions at any time, on request we would also be happy to make an appointment with you.
No phone at hand? You are welcome to fill out the contact form, we will answer you in writing as soon as possible.


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