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Mr. Walther, managing partner of Walther Transaction, spent nine years as managing director at two different medium-sized companies and has 22 years of experience in transaction and management consulting. His professional passion is the realization of company sales and acquisitions with over 125 completed transactions as well as the further development of business models.

Mr. Walther founded Walther Transaction as an independent management consultancy in Munich, which specializes in company sales and acquisitions. Mr. Walther and his team advise its customers with regard to acquisitions in the European medium-sized sector, with a focus in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. When it comes to sales mandates, Walther Transaction mainly advises medium-sized company founders who want to successfully sell their life's work. Walther Transaction focuses on companies with sales of at least € 10 million.

With macx. Walther Transaction brings its professional M&A process into a digital solution. The application is especially suitable for small businesses with sales of less than € 10 million. At macx. our process steps are carried out digitally in macx. Application. Our customers are supported with personal support in at any time. Due to the efficiency gained thorugh digitalizing the professionel M&A-process, we are able to offer constant transparency and attractive conditions.

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macx. invest is the counterpart to our macx. application and is aimed at investors (private equity, industrial holdings, management buy-ins and much more). Investors can register themselves at our website within a couple of minutes to save their search criteria for future investments in our database. We use the database created to bring registered investors into play at an early stage of M&A processes. If there is mutual interest, we can easily establish contact between the parties.

With the macx. distressed application, Walther Transaction creates a digital solution especially for insolvency administrators. As a result, they can easily hand over small companies to us for a professional M&A process.

The underlying application is specially adapted to the needs of insolvency administrators and offers users unique transparency.

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